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Alanya is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey and is frequently visited by tourists. With its wonderful beaches, tourist attractions, historical ruins and natural beauties, Alanya offers many activities that attract the attention of holidaymakers. Livaneli Hotels also offer many tour options, including boat tours, that will allow holidaymakers to discover the beauties of the region.

Boat tours can be made on different routes. Vacationers can choose from different tour options for a unique experience. Tours are usually designed to explore the natural beauty, historical sites, wonderful bays and beaches of the region. Boat tours also give you the chance to observe the wildlife and fish species living in the region up close.

Boat tours can be arranged as daily tour options and private tours. Guests can learn about the area by taking a tour with professional guides. There is also a swimming break during the tour and a chance to swim in the region's wonderful waters.

Boat tours offered by Livaneli Hotels allow vacationers to have an unforgettable experience. An ideal way to discover the natural beauties of the region, these tours are a great option to add a different flavor to your holiday. Vacationers who want to join boat tours can take a look at the tour options of Livaneli Hotels and choose a tour that suits their needs.

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